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Take the stress out of worrying about the weather with our selection of free standing marquees and stalls. Our marquees look spectacular with our Lighting & Flooring or Furniture options. The peaked roof style adds height and aspect to any event space, creating great visual appeal. Our marquees require no guy ropes or poles – they are 100% free standing allowing you to maximise your event space without the worry of trip hazards. We have the ability to setup all our marquees on either grassed of hard surfaces, which means any space is suitable. Browse our size options below to find the perfect structure for your next event. 

Some Important info

Prices mentioned are for reference only.

Includes: Set-up on grass surface pegged, side walls on 3 sides of your marquee.

Excludes: Extra side walls, Set-up on hard surfaces, lighting, flooring, delivery and pickup charges.

Pagoda Style

Our Pagoda styled marquees feature a contemporary peaked roof design, with easily installed sliding walls and a non-adjustable lightweight frame. The pagoda is available in a range of sizes from 3m x 6m to our largest 6m x 24m. 

Maximum use of space is achieved with no use of guy ropes and the center pole mounted on a set of internal cross wires above head height.

Our pagodas are lightweight, strong waterproof and engineered to withstand up to 80 km/h winds.

3m x 6m

3m x 6m

Suitable for:

Seating – 15
Standing – 18 – 24

$330.00 inc GST


5m x 5m

Suitable for:

Seating – 20 – 24
Standing – 35

$440.00 inc GST

5m x 10m

Suitable for:

Seating – 40 – 48
Standing – 70

$770.00 inc GST

5 x 15

5m x 15m

Suitable for:

Seating – 60 – 72
Standing – 105

$1000.00 inc GST

21 party

6m x 6m

Suitable for:

Seating – 24 – 48
Standing – 60

$660.00 inc GST

6x12 race club

6m x 12m

Suitable for:

Seating – 72 – 96
Standing – 120

$1, 100.00 inc GST

6m x 18m

Suitable for:

Seating – 120 – 144
Standing – 180

$1620.00 inc GST

6 x 24

6m x 24m

Suitable for:

Seating – 164 – 192
Standing -240

$2160.00 inc GST

Hocker Style

Our 6m wide modular framed Hocker marquees are extendable in length by 3 m bays. 

A free standing structure allows the Hocker marquee to maximise space.

Our Hocker’s are lightweight, strong waterproof and engineered to withstand up to 80 km/h winds.

hocker hire

6m x 9m

Suitable for:

Seating – 60 – 72
Standing – 80 – 90


hocker wedding hire

6m x 12m

Suitable for:

Seating – 72 – 96
Standing -110 -120


Ezi Up - Market Stall

Commercial grade pop up marquee.

Easily erected, great option for market stalls 

Not suitable for high wind areas.

ezy up

3m x 3m

Suitable for:

Seating – 8 – 10
Standing – 12

$120.00 inc GST

3m x 6m

Suitable for:

Seating – 16 – 20
Standing -24

$240.00 inc GST

Fete Stall

Fete stalls are perfect for market events or information booths. A 2.4m x 2.4m structure, which includes 3 side benches and skirting around 3 sides.


fete stall hire

2.4m x 2.4 m

Suitable for:

Market Stalls & Information Booths

$140.00 in GST

Market Umbrellas

market umbrella

White Umbrella

3.3 m span – includes stand

$60.00 inc GST

beige umbrella

Beige Umbrella

2.7 m span – includes stand


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